quality charity snack boxes


We are Appealing Snax. We offer a variety of quality charity snack boxes perfect for offices, businesses and workplaces – anywhere there’s people who appreciate a wholesome sweet treat.

Our range

We are confident that you will love our delicious range of sweets, snacks and freshly baked creations. Here’s some of the amazing snacks and treats we offer.

About us

A family-run company, covering five regions across the UK, we pride ourselves on delivering tasty, quality snacking options, alongside first-class customer care and service.

Children’s Hope Foundation

The Children’s Hope Foundation provides medical, educational and welfare assistance to children in desperate need of support to enhance opportunity for all.

What makes Appealing Snax so appealing?

We offer a unique range of homemade delicious and healthy snack options delivered right to your door to satisfy your staff or customers’ cravings. Our dedicated and passionate team select the finest ingredients for the perfect snack. Most importantly, when you buy one of our tasty treats you are supporting the Children’s Hope Foundation.  

We donate a proportion of every product bought by our Customers directly to the Children’s Hope Foundation, which supports children and young people in need.