We are appealing snax

Family run

A family-run company, covering five regions across the UK, we pride ourselves on delivering tasty, quality snacking options, alongside first-class customer care and service. We provide workplaces and businesses with unique sweet treats and snack charity boxes packed with an unbelievable range of products, not to mention the chance to help improve the lives of children living with illness, disability and poverty.

What makes us different from other charity snack boxes?

We lovingly bake our snacks and offer handmade, fresh favourites from our bakery, delivered straight to your destination, courtesy of your dedicated merchandiser. For years, our family, our mums, dads and children, have helped to perfect our delicious baked range of snacks. Whilst our family has evolved, our values have remained the same: to create quality, fresh snacks while supporting our communities with a charity close to our hearts – the Children’s Hope Foundation.

You’ll find something to tickle your fancy

We offer a comprehensive range of quality sweets and snacks that will tickle your taste buds, from flapjacks to muffins, cookies to confectionary, healthy ‘skinny’ bars to the latest in vegan snacks. Our team handpicks an assortment to be hand delivered to you, for your colleagues and customers to enjoy in the knowledge that their purchase not only tastes great but provides hope and opportunity to children across the country.

Get in touch

Why not drop us a line today? Our committed team will be happy to discuss the needs of your workplace or business and deliver you a charity box of delicious Appealing Snax.