Supporting children's hope foundation

you are supporting the Children’s Hope Foundation.

The Children’s Hope Foundation provides medical, educational and welfare assistance to children in desperate need of support to enhance opportunity for all. The Children’s Hope Foundation work tirelessly to ensure that children are defined as individuals, rather than defined by their disabilities or disadvantages.

A better quality of life

As a growing charity, the Children’s Hope Foundation provides help to those in need. They provide funding to assist with payment for treatment and specialist equipment which may help in the management of a condition or disability. Funding from the Children’s Hope Foundation aims to improve children’s quality of life.

Education for all

As well as medical funding, the CHF also provides educational assistance to children whose development is hindered by illness, disability and poverty. The ‘Computers for Kids’ initiative aims to provide funding to enable children to access computers and education technology where the ability to learn or attend full-time education has been hindered.

Supporting the Children’s Hope Foundation ensures that every child is given the chance fulfil their potential.

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Supporting the Children’s Hope Foundation is the reason we created Appealing Snax. We care deeply about our community and feel it is our duty to support those in need. We have a passion for creating and baking delicious fresh flapjacks, muffins and cookies and Appealing Snax gives us the opportunity to not only share our passion with you, but to support those who need it most.

We donate a proportion of every product bought by our Customers directly to the Children’s Hope Foundation, which supports children and young people in need.

We hope you will join us in supporting the Children’s Hope Foundation by placing an Appealing Snax charity snack box in your office, business or workplace.